By Moisty
#109 In the recent discussion on Hacker news, there were some comments on sizing. Your planned size range was stated as running from XS to XXL. When I read the comments, I was wondering whether it might be possible for you to offer a made-to-measure option for your suit as well.

I presume that it will be beneficial for the sensations to be experienced in the suit if they are felt at the intended position on the body. Moreover, I presume that the suit should fit rather tight to assure that the electrical impulses are transferred to the skin, but should not give a sense of constriction that would hamper the immersion (except maybe for some games where the player is supposed to be clad into a Lara-Croft-type suit :lol: ). This sounds to me like a well fitting suit might be of significant advantage.

Being rather slim for me size, I should be well served with the cut you present in some of your marketing fotos on Facebook, but experience has told me that the products sold to customer are usually quite a bit wider than those on fotos. I might, therefore, consider ordering a made-to-measure size myself if it were to become available.

Will the production process for your suit be so much automated that it would become prohibitively expensive for you to offer a made-to-measure option for the suit at a moderate additional charge?